Thank you! Gridiron 2022 was a success

gridiron-1920x1080-1-2OK, folks, we pulled it off — with your help!

Gridiron 2022 really was scarier than ever! It was our first in-person production since the pandemic, and we weren’t quite sure what kind of turnout we would get. But you faithful fans didn’t let us down, and you made our hopeful future journalists happy (this is a scholarship fundraiser after all).

We know the Oct. 29 date was tough on some of you, it being Halloween weekend and all, but we SO wanted to do Thriller. Ya gotta admit it was a real show-stopper!

The much-anticipated production took place in a new venue for us, the beautiful Buena Vista Theater at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s downtown campus, near the corner of S. Frio and Buena Vista streets.

And now that we’ve finally caught our breath, we are ready for Gridiron 2023. Yes, you heard that right. Officials can no longer rest easy. We are back on track!

Tickets are on sale for Gridiron 23, set for Sept. 16 — yep, dieciséis de septiembre, folks — our intrepid gang of would-be Tony winners has been hard at work (the grill is getting a workout and half-full (OK, empty) tequila bottles have been spotted). Get your tickets now! And tell your friends (and frenemies).

You have to admit; there’s plenty to write about. And once again there are the eternal questions that are in hot debate: Who will be in the super cool cameos? What incredibly awesome video will Michael Q and his team create this time? The man is a genius!

The fodder for our slightly off-kilter team is seemingly endless this year. More than enough to offend every sensitivity. Just you wait and see! Bring your chanclas, you’re gonna need ’em!


As referenced above, the creative mind of Entertainer Extraordinaire Michael Quintanilla is bursting with ideas, as are the brains of Director/Choreographer Francisco Saucedo Jr. and Executive Producers Nora López and David Elizondo.

Get your tickets now before they all sell out!


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