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SPJ is the place for all things journalism in San Antonio. Each year, we sponsor events open to the public concerning ethics, diversity, freedom of information and more. SPJ provides a connection point and opportunities for friendships, networking and career growth.

In addition, we get a lot of joy when we write, direct, dance and sing the Gridiron show to raise money for students majoring in journalism. College costs a lot, and we want students to be successful. Check out our Gridiron photos.

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SPJ for more than 100 years

The SPJ Mission

The Society of Professional Journalists is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty.

To ensure that the concept of self-government outlined by the U.S. Constitution remains a reality into future centuries, the American people must be well informed in order to make decisions regarding their lives, and their local and national communities.

It is the role of journalists to provide this information in an accurate, comprehensive, timely and understandable manner.

It is the mission of the Society of Professional Journalists:

To promote this flow of information.

To maintain constant vigilance in protection of the First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and of the press.

To stimulate high standards and ethical behavior in the practice of journalism.

To foster excellence among journalists.

To inspire successive generations of talented individuals to become dedicated journalists.

To encourage diversity in journalism.

To be the pre-eminent, broad-based membership organization for journalists.

To encourage a climate in which journalism can be practiced freely.

Core Activities in the San Antonio Chapter

Support Local Students

Each year, SPJ San Antonio members and other volunteers write, choreograph, build sets, rehearse for hours, send out invitations, get sponsors and perform Gridiron, a musical satirical spoof of the last year’s newsmakers and events. Proceeds go to deserving local students pursuing a degree in journalism.

Networking and Career Development

San Antonio SPJ members share vast resources. Three area universities have student SPJ chapters, which regularly benefit from their connections with the pro chapter. San Antonio SPJ members work in Spanish, bilingual and English broadcasting, digital and print media. The chapter creates a concentrated connecting point for all things journalism with professionals, who know other professionals, who know others.

Encourage Conversations

Each year, we present speakers and events for the public and journalism professionals discussing the latest trends affecting citizens and journalists free of charge. Award-winning journalists and others working for the preservation of civil rights, ethics and accurate public information come in from the trenches and share their experiences and answer questions.

Meet cool people. Make a difference. For more than 100 years, the Society of Professional Journalists has held back threats to freedom of information, protected sources and provided legal help for journalists tangled in the courts. Learn more about what SPJ has been doing to protect your liberties. Engage with the next generation of reporters, photojournalists, broadcasters and editors.

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