Safe House Needed in Mexico

On June 15, the Society of Professional Journalists posted announcements and encouraged social sharing of support for journalists in danger. Just over the Rio Grande, journalists are not safe and work in conditions we can only imagine.

According to a report by The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia Journalism School, journalist Marcela de Jesús Natalia was shot as she left the radio station where she worked. If we knew we might be shot leaving work, would we go?

A Texas journalist responds to the need

Patrick Timmons picked up the torch nearly a year ago when he launched his campaign to fund a research trip into Mexico, speaking with journalists directly. He said nobody knows what they really need because no one has asked them.

Bravery and torch-bearing on behalf of endangered and oppressed people deserves support and recognition. Timmons’ campaign request is for a supplement to what he is committed to spend of his own pocket.

If you cannot engage financially, then use the share button on the campaign page.