Guests active in ethics discussion

About 30 people including students attended “Ethics in the Trump Era” on April 8 at the Texas A&M campus. “The discussion had a lot of back and forth between panelists and guests,” said Nora Lopez, San Antonio Express-News Metro Editor. She said, “It could have gone longer. Interest remained strong when the event was completed.”

Bill Lambrecht spoke about how much harder it is for government officials to talk to the press under Trump. SPJ Scholarship Coordinator Susana Hayward asked Lambrecht if it was because people were afraid to talk or if they just didn’t like the press, now that the administration had labeled the press as “fake news.” Lambrecht said it was a combination of the two things.
Hayward said the issue of the relevance of the press was among the most passionate of the topics discussed. This included how the media needed to persevere despite doors being closed and how the journalist’s job is even more important today.
A student asked about objectivity, how was it was possible to remain objective when you knew something is unjust. She used the example of arrests during protests or cases of police violence against minorities. The topic of objectivity and fairness in reporting was also one of the issues most debated among the panel and the audience.

Macarena Hernandez, journalism professor at Baylor University, moderated the discussion. Panelists include:

• Shelley Kofler, news director and executive producer, Texas Public Radio
• Bill Lambrecht, Washington, DC, correspondent, San Antonio Express-News
• Charlotte-Anne Lucas, managing director, NOWCastSA, independent online news publisher

See the video by NOWCastSA at the bottom of this page.

The event was jointly sponsored by this SPJ pro chapter, the student chapter at Texas A&M San Antonio, and the San Antonio Express-News.

Watch the NowCastSA video to hear the active discussion